Baseball Coaching Drills

Coaching Youth Baseball
By Coach Todd Williams
Ebook, 98 pages


Do you coach baseball? Get the most out of every practice! Here's an essential collection of over 180 baseball drills, practice activities and lessons designed to improve individual and team performance in baseball. Perfect for the youth parent or coach looking for fun, innovative ways teach baseball fundamentals. Skills covered include: warm-ups, hitting, bunting, throwing, catching, fielding, base running, pitching, teamwork and more!


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By Chris McCoy and Steven Ellis
Spiral-bound manual, 90 pages


Is your son a pitcher? Help him get stronger, throw harder and have more fun on the pitcher's mound! Here's baseball's #1 training guide for safely developing successful youth pitchers. Find out how to improve functional strength, prevent arm injuries, increase velocity and control, develop better pitching mechanics and train year round with a full body workout and throwing program that's safe and appropriate for younger kids!


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Baseball Drills

8 Baseball Pitching Drills For Kids 8 Baseball Pitching Drills For Kids

A. Progression Drill Knee Throwing (arm circles). Strided position (chest... 

In, Out, Up The Middle Drill In, Out, Up The Middle Drill

As each pitch approaches the plate, the hitter must call out the location as he starts... 

Rolly Bat Drill Rolly Bat Drill

The players arrange on the field (just anywhere) and 1 player bats. If the batter... 

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Youth Baseball Drills For Kids

Soft Toss Drill Soft Toss Drill

You can use a regular size ball or a smaller ball to intensify the drill. Position... 

High Five Drill High Five Drill

Have your player put the balls of his feet on a line with his feet spread shoulder... 

Dugout Base Running Drill Dugout Base Running Drill

I cannot count the number of times I have watched a young player get out on a play... 

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Little League Drills

As you may know, there are many benefits to starting young kids off in the sport of baseball. Playing the game can instill a lifelong pattern of exercise and build teamwork skills - not to mention the fact that baseball is fun! However, finding fun baseball drills for youth be difficult because the drills need to be simple enough to comprehend and put into action.

At your next baseball practice, try some of these fun baseball drills brought to you by Coach Todd Williams to put the emphasis back on fun. Your players will be too busy enjoying themselves to notice they are working on their baseball skills as well!

Dugout Base Running Drill Dugout Base Running Drill

I cannot count the number of times I have watched a young player get out on a play when they should have been safe at first, had they simply ran hard. This is a very preventable out, and one that will cost you several runs over the course of the season if you don't nip ... Read More →

Money Ball Hitting Drill Money Ball Hitting Drill

We play a game called "Money Ball." It is a variation of BP, but I think it keeps everyone more involved, not just the hitter, and my teams love it. Two teams of even number players, one team hitting, other fielding. Coach pitches FIVE balls to each batter. First FOUR pitches are free ... Read More →

Progression Drills Progression Drills

DRILL #1 - Players paired. First basemen are down first base line with gloves. Fielders (without their gloves) are two steps behind second-third baseline and two steps to the right of the right of the first basemen. Fielders place ball on baseline. Fielders assume good infield position. On signal, ... Read More →

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Baseball Practice Plans

Having good baseball drills as part of your regular baseball practices can really help make things go well. It can be frustrating for a coach and his players if he has to try to dream up some drills while the players stand around. The best baseball coaches all have a large selection of baseball drills to draw from, and they're prepared for practice before it begins.

Here's a sample practice plan for baseball. A good way to make your baseball practices more productive is to organize a series of drill and discussion blocks into periods of about 3 to 10 minutes.

Time Baseball Activity
20 min Stretch, run & throwing warm-up
5 min Brief overview of goals & expectations for practice
10 min Team infield - pre-game & practice routine
15 min Fly ball & pop up communication drill
5 min Defensive 1st & 3rd calls, bunt coverage & catchers throwing to bases
5 min Coach overview of practice thus far
5 min Batting practice field preparation
20 min Group No. 1 hits - 4 players per group
1 Player - Bunts 3 & hits 8
2 Player - Warms up on deck
3 Player - Chases foul balls
4 Player - Runs base running circuit
Note: The players rotate after batter finishes
20 min Group No. 2 hits
20 min Group No. 3 hits
20 min Group No. 4 hits
5 min Field clearing
15 min Conditioning

If you want to share other baseball drills, coaching tips or practice plans, please contact me and I'll feature them on Baseball's Best Drills with your name and a link to your team website.