In, Out, Up The Middle Drill

As each pitch approaches the plate, the hitter must call out the location as he starts his swing (in, out, or middle) and hit the ball to the appropriate part of the field. Example: Right-handed hitter: Inside pitch; hitter should call out “in” and pull the ball to the left side of the infield. [...]

Rolly Bat Drill

The players arrange on the field (just anywhere) and 1 player bats. If the batter hits a fly ball and if someone catches it then that person who caught it gets to bat, BUT if the batter hits a grounder and a player fields it then the batter lays the bat on the ground, the [...]

Beat The Ball Drill

Set up the defense and a hitter gets one soft toss from plate to put the ball in play, the harder the better, no bunting. It is the job of the defense to field it and throw to first, second, third, and home plate in succession before the runner gets around the bases. [...]

Bunting For Candy Drill

Another take on the bunting drill is to use candy. I will place some of the flat cones at the ideal spots with a candy bar in the center. Everyone gets 3-5 bunts and marks the bunt that’s closest to a cone. After everyone goes, the person closest to each cone gets that [...]

Bunt Drill

A bunting drill we have used is to place Baseball Cards in strategic positions. The players who get closest got to keep the cards.
But we found the best way to teach bunting is to lay bats along the foul lines, about 10 feet off the lines. Challenge the players to stay inside the bats. [...]

Bunting Drill

Little League (and even kids as young as 7-8 years old) is about the age that kids are really starting to get into the ins and outs of baseball bunting and understanding that sometimes advancing base runners is good enough. If you’ve got a few dollars on hand lay them down [...]

Wrist Drills

ONE-HANDED WRIST DRILL. Assume a proper batting stance. Place the right hand (left hand for left-handed hitters) behind the back, choke up on the bat, cock it to the back (right for RH batters) shoulder, and then flick the bat toward the feet and around and up to the front [...]

Soft Tap Drill

You will need a wiffle ball or other soft ball. Have your training partner toss the ball up softly in front of you. From a good, fundamentally sound batting stance, try to hit the ball with the knob of your bat. Take the knob of the bat directly at the ball and [...]

Power Drill

The purpose of the Power Bat Drill for a baseball player is much the same as a boxer using a heavy bag to train with. Baseball players learn to develop power in their swing by hitting through a heavier object than a normal 5oz baseball. The result is the same for both [...]

Off-Speed Drill

1. Coloured wiffle balls:
Buy red, white and blue wiffle balls. The plan is to train the hitter to see the ball better and that will mean longer (essential skills for hitting off-speed pitches) Inform the hitter that the red ball is to be hit hard to the correct spot (inside pitches are pulled, [...]

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