Soft Toss Drill

You can use a regular size ball or a smaller ball to intensify the drill. Position yourself to the batting side (right for right handed batters) and ahead of the batter. Toss the “ball” at the hip of the batter. You want them to impact the ball in front of their body. This is the [...]

Arm Action Drill

I have read with some interest the other coaches’ input on pitching. My concern in teaching players to pitch is eliminating elements in their throwing motion which puts unnecessary stress on the elbow or shoulder. What I emphasize to my pitchers is that the arm should be straight or almost straight when the arm is [...]

Knee Drills

Many young pitchers hold their glove at their shoulder during the pitch and do not properly rotate at the shoulders. In order to promote proper rotation of the shoulders, I have my pitchers kneel on their pivot knee(right knee if you are right handed) with left leg extended. Hands are in the gathered position and [...]

Adding Pressure To Infield Drills

We have all heard the phase “you play the way you practice” or words to that effect. So why is it we scratch our heads when one of our players blows a play in a tight ball game? Could the added pressure of the situation cause physical problems? I’ve seen players perfectly [...]