Dugout Base Running Drill

I cannot count the number of times I have watched a young player get out on a play when they should have been safe at first, had they simply ran hard. This is a very preventable out, and one that will cost you several runs over the course of the season if you don’t nip [...]

Money Ball Hitting Drill

April 19, 2010 by Coach Todd Williams  
Filed under Little League Drills

We play a game called “Money Ball.” It is a variation of BP, but I think it keeps everyone more involved, not just the hitter, and my teams love it.
Two teams of even number players, one team hitting, other fielding. Coach pitches FIVE balls to each batter. First FOUR pitches are free [...]

Progression Drills

DRILL #1 – Players paired. First basemen are down first base line with gloves. Fielders (without their gloves) are two steps behind second-third baseline and two steps to the right of the right of the first basemen. Fielders place ball on baseline. Fielders assume good infield position. On signal, [...]