High Five Drill

Have your player put the balls of his feet on a line with his feet spread shoulder wide. For orientation we are going to pretend this is the first base line. If the player is right handed, have his right hand toward first base and his left hand toward home. Shoulders should be aligned with [...]

King Of The Hill Drill

Divide the team into two groups. A coach goes with each group and serves as the “hitter.” Players do not use gloves in this game. The reason that gloves are not used is to force players to field the ball with two hands, rather than just using the glove and fielding the ball with one [...]

Speed Throw Drill

Run this drill in any large open area (a field or a gym). Divide the team into as many groups of two as possible. If an uneven number of players are present use a coach to fill out the last group. One member of each group lines up on one side of the area, [...]

T-Ball Throwing Drill

Give your players a target. When there’s something to throw the ball at, they tend to try harder.
The one lesson I did get to stick was: when throwing, step with the glove-side foot. Trying to step with the throwing-hand side leaves them off balance. Step with the glove side foot, good balance, a much better [...]

T-Ball Base Running Drill

Set up cones helping to mark the bases. Easier to see when you’re only 3 feet tall!

T-Ball Hitting Drill

Get a piece of cardboard with footprints on it to help them get familiar with standing to address the ball. And, of course, keep your eye on the ball.